CBG oil 3 % - 10 %

CBG is the precursor of CBD and THC - the two best-known cannabinoids in the hemp plant. So without CBG, there would be no CBD!

Logically, this means that CBG content is present in higher concentrations in plants that are harvested relatively early. In contrast, CBD is more abundant in plants that are harvested later.

In the last weeks of the flowering phase, CBG and CBG-A - depending on the variety - are slowly converted into THC or CBD.

While the concentration of CBD, CBC, THC and CBN increases at this time, the CBG level in the plant decreases.

To achieve a high CBG content in an extract, hemp plants must therefore be harvested earlier than usual.
10ml 5% (500 mg) full spektrum CBG oil - Euphoria Trade
41,90 EUR
10ml 10% (1000 mg) full spectrum CBG oil - Euphoria Trade
76,90 EUR
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